BHAVE Power Systems

A clean tech start-up focused on renewable energy for cooking

Contribute to a Habitable Planet

Solutions for Humanity’s Long-Term Future

Responsible Global Citizens

Our Aim

Eliminate cooking emissions responsible for ~10% of planetary overheating by leveraging emergent technologies and novel business models.

Leave the World a Better Place for Grandchildren and Children

Contribute to Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Cooking

Use Advanced Solar, Battery and Internet of Things (IoT) Technologies

Our Goal

In single family homes, apartments, restaurants, backyards, and for streetside cooking, worldwide, use renewable energy – solar panels, batteries, induction cooktops, more – for fire-free, fuel-free, emissions-free, fast, and efficient cooking. 

Solutions for All, Worldwide – Emerging Economies, Developed Economies

Partnerships for Deployment in All Markets

Affordable, Durable, Sophisticated Solutions that are Portable and Easy to Use

Our Belief

Cooking by burning fuels … is polluting, hazardous, and almost obsolete! 

Today’s Fuel Burning Based Cooking is Increasingly Antiquated

Our 21st Century Solution Uses New Technologies for the Emerging Generations

Our Solutions are Healthy for Women, Children and all Household Occupants

Our Attributes

Cooking Solutions using solar panels, batteries, and induction cookstoves


Just like microwave ovens and resistive cooktops, we use no fire for cooking. Our induction cooktops offer the versatility of flame-based cooktops, only better because faster and safe


Our customers face no difficulties of fuel management – ordering, delivery, payment, storage logistics. We use no fuels, only sunlight. Harnessed safely using modern electronics and storage technologies 


We take pride our cooking solutions are emissions free. Our founding aim is to eliminate planetary over heating emissions from cooking, worldwide 

Planet friendly

Since our cooking solutions give off zero carbon dioxide emissions, they are planet friendly as conceived, designed, and implemented, and people friendly for all household occupants 


Our solutions are inexpensive and affordable – solar panels, batteries, and electronics are falling in price. There are no operating costs such as for fuels. Our product range accommodates many customer segments and all budgets


Our cooking involves induction cooking which is inherently fast and efficient. The energy is transferred directly to the food by magnetic fields. Little heat is lost to the ambient atmosphere

Our cooking is free

There are no fuel costs for our system. It is also largely maintenance free. Once the capital costs of the system are paid off, the system works essentially free.


The induction cooktops have digital controls like a smartphone. Temperature, duration of cooking, wattage, and other parameters can be precisely maintained by pressing a few keys.

Smartphone-like interface

For smartphone users, our system with push button controls is easy to operate. The glass surface wipes clean. The cooktop is portable – from kitchen counter, to dining table, to bedroom for morning tea

Customer Convenience

Zero Anxiety, Local Control

No running out of fuel in LPG cylinders

A big stressor for home makers, few have spare cylinders

Simplified Logistics. No cylinder ordering, delivery, bell ringing, door opening, and installation.

The logistics of LPG cylinder ordering and delivery, doorbell ringing and opening doors …  No longer 

Locally produced and delivered cooking power

Harnessing the sun’s power, stored in a battery, for cooking. Magic!

After one-time, affordable capital costs, our cooking solutions are free!

Solutions for All

Our Solutions are Designed for Residential and Commercial Cooking Needs in Emerging and Developed Countries, in Rural and Urban Areas

As standalone cookstoves powered by solar panels, batteries and electronics

As application specific micro-grids for apartment buildings and multi-dwelling units

Cooking Emissions: Significant Yet Unrecognized

Of the 33+ gigatons (billions of metric tons) of global carbon dioxide emissions each year, ~10 percent is due to cooking, likely the third largest planetary overheating contributor after coal-based electricity and petroleum-based transport.

~ 0 %
Of planetary overheating emissions are due to cooking. About 3 billion families cook on open fires or use simple stoves fuelled by kerosene, biomass and coal.
Million premature deaths annually worldwide due to smoke and emissions from cooking
0 %
Of the population of emerging economies have no access to clean cooking methods in 2020

BHAVE Power Systems: An Environment Focused Business

We Contribute to the Environment through Three Approaches


Climate change impact due to cooking emissions


Health risks to occupants of kitchens, women and children, especially


Novel cooking technologies and business models to create economical, reliable, and emissions free solutions

We Provide Cleantech Cooking Solutions for the Environmentally Conscious

Governments, Development Organizations

Governments and Development Organisations, e.g., SE4ALL, UNDP, EA, TERI, US EPA

Environment Focused Organisations,

Environment Focused Organizations, Professionals, e.g., United Nations, LEED Professionals, Environmentalists, Climate Activists, Architects

Earth Conscious Responsible Individuals

Environmentally Conscious Individuals, e.g., Antonio Guterres, Secretary General, UN, Greta Thunberg, others

Meets the Purposes, Budgets, and Specifications of Individuals, Communities, and Nations


Easy to Operate, Maintain: Efficient and Fast

  • Safe and clean – No Fire. No Fuel. No Emission. No Smoke.
  • Less expensive than LPG Cylinders – by at least 20%
  • Less expensive than electricity – by at least 20
  • Healthy for kitchen occupants, women and children, and … the planet!
  • Environment enhancing because we eliminate fuels – LPG cylinders, piped natural gas, biomass, coal, and electricity
  • An upfront payment ~ 25% cost of the single cookstove system charged at the time of installation, and later monthly payments. The system is paid for < 3 years. Cooking thereafter is essentially “free“ !
Please contact us to discuss the economics of standalone systems and apartment building and MDU (multi-dwelling unit) solutions