Pricing and Key Attributes of our Solutions


Our System Offers Numerous Advantages

Environmentally-friendly; locally generated and stored solar power

Environmentally-friendly; locally generated and stored solar power

Eliminates fossil fuels for cooking

BHAVE Power is environmentally friendly. We eliminate fossil fuels for cooking, e.g., LPG cylinders or natural gas. We eliminate biomass - wood, charcoal, and dung in cooking.

Electricity grid eliminated for cooking

Electricity grid is eliminated for cooking. Occasionally and invisible to the user, we charge batteries with it during insufficient sunlight.

Avoids indoor air pollution

Important for the health of women and children in poorly ventilated kitchens, and the ecologically aware people

Efficient and Fast. 90%+ power delivered to food being cooked

> 90% power is delivered to the food being cooked due to induction cooking. It is fast, convenient to use and clean, efficient, and inexpensive. Little power is lost to ambient air unlike traditional cooking.

Smartphone-like interface

The smartphone-like press button digital interface appeals to young professionals

Cooking: Among the most energy intensive year-round applications in homes 

  • 20%+ cheaper than LPG cylinders and electric hobs  
  • environment enhancing because we eliminate fuels – LPG cylinders, piped natural gas, biomass, coal, and electricity 
  • fire free, fuel free, smoke free, emissions free 
  • healthy for kitchen occupants, women and children, and the planet 
  • easy to use, energy efficient, fast with press button controls, and wipe clean 

End to end system offered

The price of a BHAVE solar-powered induction cookstove system includes a set of matching cooking utensils.

For standalone systems in existing apartments and homes

There is an upfront payment ~ 25% cost of the single cookstove system at the time of installation. Additional costs are covered within three years through monthly payments. We charge ~$35/month (Rs. 2,500) for 36 months.

Cooking is essentially “free“ after ~ 3 years.

For New Apartments

The system is pre-installed and the price is included in the apartment purchase. In India, for instance, the builder pays us ~ $1,200/system for one cookstove, or ~ Rs, 85,000. This cost is baked into the overall mortgage, a tiny fraction of the price of an apartment.

IMAGINE the convenience and benefits!

  • No indoor air pollution  
  • No hassles of reordering, delivery of LPG cylinders, and hooking then to burners 
  • No recurring cost of fuel or electricity, ~ 15/month or Rs. 1,200 for a family of five