Apartment Building Solution


Demonstration - Application Specific Micro-grid

Achieving Scalability through the use of ICT and IoT

An apartment building solution where the system simultaneously supports cooking for multiple apartments (in multiples of 16, we propose) is best described as a special kind of microgrid – an Application Specific Scalable Microgrid. The application here is cooking.  


A number of solar panels, batteries, and electronics are optimally combined to power several apartments. The overall system can be scaled, and its performance monitored, using ICT and IoT technologies.  


That is, the solution can be extended to additional apartment buildings, and indeed to an entire city.  


See schematic diagram below

Lead to new businesses and extensions of existing businesses, through entrepreneurship or business development. The solutions are extensible across geography to form a chain or clusters. For example, interlinked EV charging stations, cold storage warehouses, water pumps, and so on, each a standalone business.  


Both revolutions, Microgrids and ASSMs,  

  • restructure the electricity industry towards reduced emissions, and are 
  • complementary and synergistic, and can coexist.