Standalone Cooking System 


Demonstration - Stand-alone Cooking

Stand-alone Cooking

For a standalone system, we deploy solar panels, batteries, and electronics dedicated to a single user, an individual customer, be it a home, a commercial kitchen, a RV, a street side vendor, or for backyard cooking.   


Both Standalone Cooking Systems and Application Specific Scalable Microgrids are a part of BHAVE Power Systems’ product offerings  


Beginning with the first demos in Solana Beach, California to demos at IIM Kozhikode to World Environment Day where Prime Minister Modi saw us make solar powered tea, to demos at NTPC School of Business, we are confident we know how to specify solar panels, batteries, induction cooktops, cabling and more.  


Please see images these demonstrations elsewhere on the website/  


We are ready to turn our learnings into viable products for the individual home, for street vendor cooking, for restaurants, to backyard picnics. We are exploring distribution of the systems with various retailers, online and physical, in the US and in India and elsewhere.  


Simultaneously, we are seeking partnerships with builders and apartment building owners to deploy the multi-unit cooking solution.